bride and groom posing in front of lake
group photo for wedding bride posing and smiling on couch in wedding dress bride and groom posing for a wedding photo bride posing with veil and wedding dress outdoors two wedding bands groom and bride posing outdoors in a field smiling and holding hands bride and groom posing on couch with a pink glowing background bride and groom posing and interlocking arms, smiling married couple kissing with bouquet at sunset wedding band inside of a red rose

Wedding Photography Packages

Short Stuff Brides shine differently. You’ll have no question as to if you made the correct choice when choosing Short Stuff for your big day! We specialize in taking the best portraits for weddings and getting all the details that are important to YOU! If you want to see it, we will capture it! Make no mistake that when you meet with us for your consultation, we will treat you like the VIP you are and will be for your wedding.

Your wedding photography is your one chance to look back at this monumental moment – YOUR WEDDING – and tell your story. Your pictures should be able to capture you and your loved one, with photographs that are modern, yet timeless. You should be able to remember not just what you did during your wedding, but also how you felt and at Short Stuff, we’ll make sure that happens for you!